Invictus Films is an independent production company that was first created in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2004 by its Founder, Alexander Emmert.


Originally producing rock videos and industrial films, Emmert quickly used his area and industry presence - in addition to connections he had made as an actor - to launch television  and small independent feature work, utilizing his growing production and screenwriting talents.


Now based in California, and a renowned, award-winning presence in both film and television worldwide, Invictus Films gave birth to Invictus Europa in 2014, which will continue to expand the company's presence in Europe in all tenable forms of media. film production, movie production, video production companies 
Invictus Films, Inc. is also the parent company of Paddock Pictures (a shingle which develops and produces films specific to the Philadelphia region and its history) and Avispa Films (which develops and produces material based in Austin, Texas).


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